When you come to our gathering, you hear a wonderful music team through the speakers, you see the the lyrics and liturgy on the screens, you can hear the pastor in the back of the church, and you probably never think anything about it. But the comforts that you see at Harvest have been planned and managed by our media team. They spent hours and days setting the PA & sound systems up, so that those that enter our doors can hear and see the good news of Jesus without interference or distractions.

Volunteer Positions

Besides the initial set up and maintenance of the media equipment, there is a need for volunteers during the Sunday morning gatherings. Someone has to control the sound board to make sure that our worship songs can be heard and that the preaching from the pulpit is at the right volume. We also have someone in control of the presentation and graphics. If you are interested in serving please contact us via email at info@harvestchurchcalhoun.com.